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Hunter casing rifle for safe transport

Transporting firearms involves both legal and safe practices. In addition to federal laws, there are regulations that vary from state to state.

General Rules

  • Always unload and case firearms before transporting them. In many states, this may be the law. The action should be open or the gun broken down, whichever makes the firearm safest if it’s mishandled.
  • Firearms should not be displayed in window gun racks because the display may provoke anti-hunter sentiment. It’s also an invitation to thieves.
  • Lean a firearm against a secure rest only. A vehicle does not provide a secure resting place. A gun that falls over might accidentally discharge or be damaged.

Additional Rules for Handguns

Handguns should be locked in the trunk of your car or in an area of the vehicle that is not immediately accessible to anyone in the vehicle.

  • You may not store the gun under a seat or in a door pocket.
  • Some states prohibit putting handguns in the glove compartment of a vehicle for any reason.
  • Ammunition should be kept separate from the handgun.
Handgun locked in case inside vehicle
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