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To properly prepare for a trip to the shooting range, you should first think about the type of range you will be visiting. These can be broken down into three types.

  • Indoor, Climate-Controlled: At this type of range, weather is not a factor. You also do not have to wait for everyone to stop shooting before you go downrange to set up or remove your targets. Instead, you only need to pay attention to your shooting lane and watch out for others.
  • Outdoor: Shooting at an outdoor range is more complicated due to the weather and additional range rules.
    • Weather becomes a factor here because it can be difficult to pay attention when:
      • Cold makes your hands numb, requires you to wear bulky clothing for warmth, and fogs up your eye protection or...
      • Heat causes sweat to get in your eyes and brings buzzing mosquitoes or...
      • Rain affects both you and your gear.
    • Additional range rules exist to keep everyone safe as shooters go downrange to set up or remove targets.
  • Casual: This is a shooting range on private property without set safety rules you are required to follow. Therefore, you must take more responsibility for your safety and the safety of others. As you plan your trip, here are some things to think about:
    • If you need permission from the landowner
    • What time of day you can shoot
    • If neighbors are close enough that noise could be a problem
    • When shooters will be allowed to go downrange to set up or remove targets
    • What you will do if someone is injured
Shooting at a target
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