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Texas Labor Code §52.061 covers the laws related to employees bringing a firearm or ammunition to work.

  • An employer may not prohibit an employee from transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition in the employee's locked, privately owned vehicle in the employer’s parking lot. This law applies to any employee who lawfully possesses a firearm or ammunition even if the person does not have an LTC. The only exceptions are as follows.
    • If an employer provides an employee with a vehicle, the employer may prohibit an employee from having firearms in that vehicle.
    • Schools cannot prohibit employees who are LTC holders from having firearms in the school’s parking lots, but schools can prohibit students from having firearms in the school's parking lot. This does not include colleges and universities (Government Code §411.2032).
    • Private landowners who are leasing oil, gas, or mineral rights may prohibit firearms in vehicles on their land.
    • Chemical manufacturing plants may prohibit firearms in their secure parking lots.
  • A private employer may prohibit an employee from possessing a firearm on the employer’s premises even if the employee has an LTC. However, employers must post §30.06 and §30.07 signs to prohibit non-employees from possessing a firearm on the premises.
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