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Two different body positions work with the two-handed grip—the isosceles stance and the weaver stance. Due to the stability it provides, the weaver stance is popular with “action” gun competitors and also works for hunters.

Isosceles Stance

Isosceles stance

To position your body in the isosceles stance:

  • Face the target straight-on.
  • Keep your feet parallel and comfortably separated.
  • Hold the gun with the two-handed grip.
  • Hold both arms with your elbows fully extended and comfortably locked.

Weaver Stance

Aiming a handgun

To position your body in the weaver stance:

  • Keep both of your feet parallel as in the isosceles stance, or place your support-side foot slightly ahead of your shooting-side foot.
  • Turn your shoulders at about a 30- to 45-degree angle to the target.
  • Bend both of your elbows.
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