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Target practice

When you are at a shooting range, remember that safety and good manners are in everyone’s best interest.

  • Keep all firearms unloaded and cased as you enter the range facility.
  • When you check in with the staff at the range, don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you know what their expectations are.
  • At your assigned station or lane:
    • Set up your target before removing the firearm from its case.
    • Only remove one firearm and one box of ammunition at a time.
    • Keep all other gear that you are not using off the bench and in your range bag.
  • Always face forward when you are handling your firearm.
  • Never walk away and leave your firearm unattended.
  • Do not step over another person’s gear, and do not leave your gear where other must step over or walk around it.
  • Only shoot at range-approved targets.
  • Do not try to give unsolicited advice to others.
  • Report anyone who doesn’t follow the rules to a staff member.
  • When you finish shooting, take down your targets, check the area around your shooting station, throw away your trash, and return all equipment where it belongs.
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