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Course Outline

Upon completing Module 1, you should:

  • Be able to identify places where a handgun may/may not be carried by a license holder.
  • Be able to identify the types of signs that may apply to license holders, including the 51%, §30.06, and §30.07 signs.
  • Be able to state the possible outcomes from carrying a handgun while intoxicated.
  • Know and understand how reciprocity and unilateral agreements function and know the resources that are available to determine which states are reciprocal/unilateral.
  • Be familiar with the laws in Penal Code Chapter 9 related to license to carry and the use of force.
  • Know and understand the terms "reasonable" and "necessity."
  • Understand when the use of deadly force can be justified.
  • Understand the considerations for license holders during interactions with law enforcement officers.
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