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When carrying and storing your handgun in the workplace, you should make sure that you have a plan to secure your handgun from unauthorized persons, such as co-workers, general public, and children.

  • To store your handgun when it is not on your body, lock it in a gun safe or storage box. If you use a portable gun safe, place it underneath a desk or in a desk drawer.
  • If you carry your handgun in a bag or a purse, the handgun is not inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Lock the gun in a gun safe or storage box when you are not carrying it.
  • In a company vehicle, passengers may have access to your handgun. Therefore, properly lock your handgun in a safe to restrict access to it.
  • Job duties and work attire can determine how you should store the handgun. For example, if your duties will cause your gun to be exposed or if you wear a coat that will need to be taken on and off, you should properly store your handgun.
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