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When selecting a holster, you should consider the best way to restrain your handgun. There are two common types of restraint devices on holsters.

  • With a manual restraint device, you fasten the gun in the holster yourself. To release the handgun from the holster, you must unsnap the thumb strap before the handgun can be un-holstered.
  • With an automatic restraint device, the gun is fastened in the holster automatically. To release the handgun from the holster, you must press the release device with your index finger for the handgun to be un-holstered.

Some holsters are equipped with both a manual and an automatic restraint device.

  • When the handgun is placed in this holster, the device will automatically restrain the handgun. By pressing the thumb release forward, the handgun can then be un-holstered.
  • A flip-up strap will further restrain this handgun in place. This is a manually activated device that restrains the handgun in the holster.
A person manually restrains a handgun in a shoulder holster with a snap

Manually restraining a handgun

A person manually releasing a handgun from a holster

Manually releasing a handgun from a holster

Holster with an automatic restraint device

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