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Attention! The state laws covered in this course are specific to Texas. If you are taking this course to get a handgun license that you will use in another state, you must learn and follow the laws for the state where you will be carrying your handgun.

Practicing with your handgun to develop the skills you need to handle it safely and to react responsibly if threatened is critically important. Just as important, however, is making sure you learn the Texas laws for concealed carry and open carry of a handgun.

  • You should know both the criminal and civil requirements. Even if a criminal investigation or trial finds that you were justified in your use of force or deadly force, you still might have to face civil charges.
  • This course provides information on some of the laws in Texas.
    • If you are unsure about the laws after completing this course, consider contacting an attorney who is familiar with the Texas handgun laws.
    • If you plan to take your handgun to another state, you must follow the laws for that state.
Squeezing the trigger on a handgun
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