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Semi-automatics usually fire rounds stored in a magazine that is inserted in the grip or handle.

To load a semi-automatic pistol:

  • Point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Make sure the barrel is unobstructed.
  • Put the safety on if the gun can be loaded with the safety on.
  • Remove the magazine from the grip by depressing the magazine release button. This button is typically located on the left side of the frame, behind the trigger.
  • Pull the slide to the rear to make sure the chamber is empty.
  • Place the pistol in a stable location with the muzzle pointing in a safe direction.
  • Load the cartridges into the magazine by firmly pressing them down and toward the rear of the magazine. Do not force them. Forcing the cartridges could damage the lips of your magazine.
  • Hold the magazine in one hand, and pick up your pistol with the other hand.
  • Insert the magazine into the grip until it clicks securely into place.
  • Pull the slide all the way to the rear and then let it go forward. This picks up a cartridge and slides it into the chamber.
  • Put the safety on if you were not able to do so before loading.
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