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Concealed carry prohibited sign

In Montana, it is illegal to carry a handgun into the following locations.

  • Concealed Handguns: Even if you have a valid handgun permit, you cannot carry a concealed handgun:
    • In any parts of a building that are used for state or local government offices, including any related restricted areas in the building
    • Inside any type of financial institution during normal business hours
    • In a place where alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed, and consumed under a license that allows alcoholic beverages to be sold for consumption on the premises
  • Concealed or Unconcealed Handguns: It is always illegal, even with a valid permit, for you to carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun:
    • In a school building
    • In a federal government building
    • On a train
    • On private property if the property owner has prohibited handguns on the property

If you are convicted of carrying a handgun into a prohibited location, you may be punished with imprisonment for up to six months, a fine of up to $500, or both imprisonment and a fine.

Local Regulations and Indian Reservations

Local governments and Indian reservations may have their own additional restrictions. Places that may be regulated include public assemblies, public buildings, parks, and schools. Make sure you know where concealed or unconcealed handguns are allowed or prohibited in any area where you plan to take your gun.

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