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Use a two-handed hold whenever possible, applying pressure from front to rear with your shooting hand and from side to side with your support hand.

  • The two-handed hold is typically more stable than a one-handed hold.
  • To use a two-handed hold:
    • Follow the previous steps to grip the gun with your shooting hand.
    • Wrap your support hand around your fingers on the shooting hand.
    • Place your thumb on your support hand over or beside your thumb on your shooting hand so that it is roughly parallel to the barrel of the handgun.
  • To improve your steadiness and accuracy, push forward with your shooting hand and pull back with your support hand.
  • When using a two-handed grip with a semi-automatic, never cross the thumb of your support hand behind the slide and hammer. Doing so may result in painful injury when the slide is pushed back by recoil.
Two-handed handgun grip
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