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In general, the use of handguns will fall into one of five categories—sport, recreation, hunting, metallic silhouette shooting, and protection.

Some people use their handguns for informal target practice while others prefer to collect handguns.

  • Informal target practice is commonly called “plinking.” The term comes from the sound a bullet makes (“plink”) when it hits a tin can. When using handguns for target shooting:
    • Follow all gun safety rules.
    • Never shoot at glass. The flying glass splinters are dangerous, and the glass fragments litter the area.
    • If you are shooting at steel, use only steel targets that are designed for this purpose. With some types of steel, bullets may ricochet and injure those in the area.
    • Make sure you have a backdrop that will prevent bullets from striking or ricocheting toward populated areas or unintended targets.
    • Always clean up the area and remove all plinking targets when finished.
  • Hobbyists enjoy collecting historic and other types of handguns.
Handguns for recreational use
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