Concealed Carry

Ruling on Felony CCW Permit Overturned

The Washington State Supreme Court overturned a lower court order that would have allowed Jerry Barr to get a concealed carry license for a handgun. Barr was convicted of juvenile felonies, including a pair of Class A felonies in 1992, when he was a minor. The court ruled that, because of his juvenile crimes, the federal prohibition to obtaining a concealed carry license still applies.

In 2016, Barr successfully petitioned to have his juvenile record sealed. In a separate ruling, Barr petitioned for the retrieval of his gun rights, based on the sealed nature of his juvenile record and his track record of good behavior.

Later that year, Barr sought to obtain a concealed carry license from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office in the State of Washington. Barr's CCW permit was turned down. The sheriff's office cited his sealed felony record and federal law that prohibits felons from owning firearms as determining factors. The court's decision to side with Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office sets an important precedent for future rulings.

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