Concealed Carry

Florida Man Injured From Gun Discharge

In Land O’ Lakes, Florida, a man was accidentally shot by his wife while in a Publix checkout line. The gun accidentally discharged while inside the wife’s purse. According to Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies, the purse accidentally fell to the ground, causing the gun to fire. The man sustained a lower leg injury as a result of the accident. Criminal charges were not filed, but the situation brings up a significant issue.

This story highlights the significance of proper concealed carry holstering, especially for women. Finding holsters that are functional and fashionable has become easier for women in recent years. While the majority of holsters are still designed to fit a man’s body, more manufacturers are making products that address the needs of female handgun owners.

A proper bag or holster is a worthy investment for protecting both female handgun owners and civilians from accidental misfires. The ideal purse carry requires a specialized bag with a separate compartment for holding the handgun. Handguns should not be carried in a compartment containing other items; small, unsecured items can incidentally interact and activate the trigger.

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