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You should use a fall-arrest system (FAS) that is manufactured to industry standards. Never use single-strap belts and chest harnesses—they can be deadly. Before hunting, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of your FAS and follow all safety guidelines.

  • Most tree stand falls occur when a hunter is climbing up or down a tree. Always use a properly fitting FAS that includes a full-body harness at all times when your feet are off the ground.
  • Make sure your FAS includes these components:
    • Full-body harness—the vest harness is a very effective style of full-body harness
    • Lineman’s-style belt and/or climbing belt—used when climbing up and down the tree
    • Tree strap—goes around the tree
    • Tether—attaches the harness to the tree strap
    • Suspension relief strap—provides a loop to stand in if you fall
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